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About Denise Young

Denise was born in Sydney, Australia, though she spent some eighteen years living in London, Wellington, Adelaide and Perth. In 1986 she came back home to Sydney for good.

Her background is in both academia and theatre, where she's worked as a teacher, actress and director. She began writing plays in the mid eighties, as well as creating theatre pieces with actors' companies and directing a youth theatre team.

In 2000 she turned to writing prose and her first novel, The Last Ride, was published by HarperCollins in 2004, after winning a Varuna/HarperCollins Award in 2002. The novel's development was also assisted by two mentorships through Varuna, one with Tegan Bennett Daylight and a later one with Charlotte Wood.

The novel won the NSW Premier's Prize for a First Novel in 2005, was longlisted for the Miles Franklin Award in the same year and was shortlisted for the SA Festival Awards in 2006. A film of the book, with film script by Mac Gudgeon and starring Hugo Weaving, is being shot in 2008 and will be released in 2009.

Denise has taught writing workshops and at community colleges, and lives in Sydney with her husband Paul, with whom she has three grown up children. She is a member of the Varuna Alumni Association.  

New work

In December 2007 Denise received a New Work Grant from the Australia Council to complete two further drafts of a fiction work called 'How to Saw a Lady in Half.' That grant was for six months and finished on May 1st.  She is also working on a series about wildlife smuggling, the first book of which, The Blood Collector, is currently under consideration by HarperCollins.



The Last Ride